Perryville MD Outreach

VA Benefits assistance is provided at the
American Legion Post 135
300 Cherry Street, Perryville, MD
4th Saturday of each month, 1pm to 6pm

Please select the appointment type that suits your needs.

Predischarge claim

Predischarge claim;

This appointment is for service members who are within 180 days of their discharge from the U.S. Military.

This appointment includes a VA disability compensation process overview, a review of service medical records, and the completion the VA disability compensation packet.

Items required for the appointment:
Copy of service medical records (to provide to the VA)
Previous DD214(s) and/or NG22
Dependents SSN & DOB
Marriage license/divorce decrees
Banking information (account # & routing #)

Duration: 1 hour

Follow Up

Follow Up;

This appointment is to follow up from a previous meeting.

Duration: 30 minutes

Initial VA Benefits

Initial VA Benefits;

This appointment is a good starting point for Veterans who have been discharged from the U.S. military and have not filed a VA claim.

Important items to bring:
Service medical records (if you have them)
Military discharge and/or DD Form 214(s)
Private medical evidence (if you any)

Duration: 30 minutes

Re-Evaluation (Reopen) of Disability

Re-Evaluation (Reopen) of Disability;

This appointment is for Veterans who have received a VA decision over a year ago and would like to reopen their claim because they were previously denied for service connection or would like to increase their disability rating. A Veteran can increase his/her disability rating by showing that a disability has gotten worse, and/or applying for new or secondary conditions.

Important things to bring:
Previous VA decisions
Service treatment records (if you have them)
Private treatment records (if have any)

Duration: 30 minutes

VA Decision Review

VA Decision Review;

This appointment is for Veterans or Surviving Spouses who have received a VA decision in the past year and would like it reviewed for rebuttal options.

Please note you have 1 year from the date of decision to submit new and material evidence or to appeal a VA decision.

Important items to bring:
VA decision
Any new evidence you may have

Duration: 30 minutes

Veterans Pension claim

Veterans Pension claim;

This appointment is to prepare an application for Veterans Pension Claim, which is granted to war time Veterans with limited income.

Important items to bring:
Military discharge and/or DD214s
Dependents SSN & DOB
Marriage and/or divorce information for Veteran and spouse (if Veteran is married)
Annual income information for Veteran and spouse (if applicable)
Banking information (account # and transit #)

Duration: 30 minutes

Surviving Spouse Claim

Surviving Spouse Claim;

This appointment is to assist surviving spouses of deceased Veterans in filing for VA benefits such as those awarded for a service-connected death or an income based pension.

Important items to bring:
Veteran’s Death Certificate
Marriage license (surviving spouse to Veteran)
Veteran’s Military discharge and/or DD214(s)
VA decisions (if Veteran had a VA disability)
Annual income information
Banking information (account # and transit #)

Duration: 30 minutes

Burial and Memorial Benefits

Burial and Memorial Benefits;

his appointment is to discuss and possibly apply for burial benefits paid and memorial benefits granted upon the passing of a U.S. Military Veteran. These benefits include burial allowance, headstone or marker, Presidential Memorial Certificates, and U.S. flag.

Important items to bring are:
Veteran’s Death Certificate
Veteran military discharge and/or DD Form 214(s)
Paid Itemized funeral bill

Duration: 30 minutes

CRSC Claim

CRSC Claim;

This appointment is to prepare a
Combat Related Special Compensation packet.

Items required for the CRSC Packet:
All VA disability ratings
All DD214(s) and DD215(s)
Retirement orders
Service Medical records that show how injury/disability occurred
Statements to support how the injury/disability is combat related
Physical Evaluation Board results (if applicable)
Reserve retirement point computation with 15 or 20 year letter

Duration: 30 minutes